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Steuler Kunst

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Mollstraße 30
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68165 Mannheim (Oststadt)
Karte Karte Mollstraße Mannheim
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Kurzprofil Steuler Kunst
In der Arbeit mit Migrantinnen heißt das auch zuverlässig Begegnung und Sprache ermöglichen, regelmäßig, seit 2003 in einem unbefristeten Langzeitprojekt.

The topics of my work show a connection with domestic life and its predominant relationship patterns and thus put social structures into their focus. 

Perception and grasping of the world as the two consciously subjective modes of access mean to me the combination of current themes with those handed down to us by tradition; in a way both themes are being quoted and are then ironized by carrying them to the extremes. Discovering, finding and collecting things, marvelling at them and/or being amused by them: family heirlooms, odds and ends from flea markets, household items, modern design things. and again and again all kinds of needlework and books. Eventually, often not until much later and from a distant stance, the act of sifting and classification will take place once again, not so much as a merely intellectual act, but rather by using all senses, by association, the process of which can then be translated with suitable and daringly mixed materials, thus giving birth to 2- or 3-dimensional pictures, inviting sensory perception and stimulating the urge in the observer to venture into their own discovery. In this way experiences are passed on which have the potential of allowing a different view on women who are likely to have been living in Germany for more than 30 years, but nevertheless have hardly or not at all had the chance of learning German. How should anyone who has grown up detached from any educational standard and under totally alien social conditions turn out to be “keen on education”? However, the experience of being seen and respected, of actually playing a part in something with one’s skills, opens up new realms. Furthermore, the importance I attribute to the perceptibility of materials because they enable us to experience and grasp “with all senses” applies to these courses in just the same way; they explicitly address women beyond feministic goals and rather simply want to make it possible for Muslim women to participate, among other reasons because conversation topics as well as behaviour is distinctly different in exclusively female groups compared to mixed groups.
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Kunst, Installation, Performance, Textilkunst, Aktion, Installationen, objekt, zeitgenössische Kunst, Interaktion, Mixed Media, Steulerkunst, Ursula Steuler, Projekte mit Migrantinnen
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